3D Home Tours

View homes in 3D

Real Estate Listings: Fairfield County and Candlewood Lake Area

At Brokerage New England we offer state of the art services to our potential and current clients. Our dedication to providing the best technology is why we are excited to be one of the first real estate agencies in Connecticut to offer 3D mapping of your Candlewood Lake & Fairfield County property. 

This service allows people interested in our properties to get free roam virtual tours of potential real estate purchases. 3D mapping succeeds in allowing any viewer to experience the architectural intricacies and quirks of our Candlewood Lake and Fairfield County clients’ homes from any location. This not only makes the buying process more convenient for everyone but it also represents the professionalism we are able to offer to all our valued clients.

Property for Sale: Convenient Experiences for Potential Buyers

Brokerage New England is proud to present 3D imaging for many of our for sale listings. If you are a potential new homeowner, viewing some of our property via virtual rendering allows you the ease and comfort of not leaving your current location. Our 3D mapping is a similar experience to Google Earth, in which you get a photo-realistic, immersive view of a location. Finding the perfect property has never been easier. 3D home tours also gives you access to a detailed display, allowing you to communicate your wants and needs with one of our realtors. Our agents can then walk you through our listings for properties such as Single Family Homes For Sale or set up a time to view some of our Open Houses in Candlewood Lake and Fairfield County. 

Do not hesitate, call us now at 203-884-8964 to talk to a realtor if you are interested in buying a new home.

Interested Sellers: Why Would I Need a 3D Tour of My Property?

After being in the real estate industry for as many years as we have, we believe that 3D models serve as a more immersive, and therefore more realistic depiction of a property, aiding in greater response from potential buyers. Our team takes pride in staying ahead of the curve and expanding our services beyond the typical real estate agency norms. Our 3D tours have proven to be extremely successful in peaking the interest of buyers, generating multiple offers at or above asking price within just 60 days of listing. 

Our package includes 3D Home Tour, DJI video and floor plans at no extra charge. 

Research, and more importantly experience, differentiates one realtor from another. These qualities have helped us understand what it takes to sell houses in Fairfield County and the Candlewood Lake area. With the addition of 3D mapping, we are able to contribute yet another service to benefit you. 


Do not hesitate, call us now at 203-884-8964 to talk to a realtor about a 3D home tour for your Candlewood Lake & Fairfield County property now.